We are an association of female and male university graduates with different educational and ethnical backgrounds. We are graduates of faculties of medicine and engineering as well as social and natural sciences. We represent a wide range of professions from architects to attorneys, from surgeons to managers, from dentists to economists and from pharmacists to scientists. Most of us have immigrant background. We well know the hurdles and challenges an immigrant might experience, particularly in regards with social integration. But also, we best know how higher education and further professional qualification facilitate effective integration, enable paving a successful career path and eventually contribute to further development of the society. We want to utilise this knowledge and authentically demonstrate how education helps immigrants overcoming obstacles, capturing opportunities and improving the life-quality of all citizens of this country. We are highly committed to educating immigrants in State of Hamburg and beyond, because we are strongly convinced that education is key to social integration, higher security and advancement of Germany.

It is not only our strong desire but also our social responsibility to volunteer for developing a solution to one of our society’s ever biggest challenges, and to pay back for the education and ensuing prosperity that once we were generously given.


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