Dr. Siamak Radmehr
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Medical Professionals
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Medicine and dentistry

Personal health and maintaining and restoring it are people’s most important subjects and biggest fears. A certain degree of health is a basic requirement for all goals in life. Therefore, professional structures have formed around the subject of health since there were people: the people and institutions that are involved in keeping the population healthy and treating illnesses as part of their occupation form health care’s core.

Many Iranian and Iranian descendant doctors are part of the “Association of German-Iranian Doctors and Dentists” in Hamburg, which in turn is a member of our association. The association organizes science conferences a few times each year, where researchers and practitioners present the entire span of medical science. The association also takes part in national and international conferences for various medical and dental fields of study. Furthermore, it acts as representation for common issues by the German-Iranian doctors and dentists in Hamburg with respect to authorities, medical professional representation and third parties.


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