Prof. Kamyar Sarshar
E-Mail: sarshar(at)

immigrants / refugees with little knowledge of German
6-8 times a year for different topics
Free of charge
for immigrants / refugees with little knowledge of German

Many subjects related to education are accessible on certain government pages, etc. via the internet, but the information is usually shown in German (sometimes in English). But not all immigrants, who would like to be informed about these subjects, understand German. Therefore, a group of people who would like to make important decisions for themselves and/or their children will have a hard time being informed correctly at first-hand.

We organize expert lectures on a regular basis in order to familiarize people who are not very proficient in German with subjects regarding education in Germany as early as possible. The lectures and the participants’ questions are simultaneously translated by volunteer translators into Arabic, Persian or Turkish, for example, depending on the participants. These events address the German education system, the dual training system in Germany, forms for school, university admission requirements, acceptance of foreign degrees, financing studies, etc. This allows not just newcomers, like refugees, for example, but also parents of teenagers with little knowledge of German to have influence on their children’s decisions, when they do not know much about the German education system.


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